Invisible Enemy - Band




2018 - Gigs and composing

After completing the line up, IE got to play their first gig at 9th of February. Band had couple of shows around Finland during 2018 from small pubs to private metal festival and their song ”Destination Unknown” was also featured at THE PAIN FUCKTORY magazine online radio. Band composed new material and played new songs at their last gig of 2018. Some new songs were planned to release in the beginning of 2019. This would be the first official material where the new line up could be heard.

2017 - New Beginning

It took unfortunately long time to finish the album, but finally the day came and Diversity was released in August 22nd. Invisible Enemy also released their first music video from the song Worthless Heart during the Fall. Unfortunately, it was boiling under the surfase and right after the album was released, band announced that Samuli Ilveskivi and Sampo Riihimäki were released from their duties as a bass player and singer. Luckily, IE found soon a new bass player when Matti Siekkinen joined Invisible Enemy and couple of months later singer place was filled by Jouni Alho. With this new motivated group Invisible Enemy moves towards new challenges and playing gigs.

2016 - More lineup changes and recordings

The year 2016 started with one more line-up change, when Hanna Halonen also left the band. It started to get a little frustrating but even so, band decided to start finally the recordings of the debut album. After drums were recorded in May of 2016, the band found a new guitar virtuoso, Warner Turello. The recordings continued during the Summer and Fall and the debut album "Diversity" was set to be released during the year 2017!

2015 - Full line-up (for a moment)

Invisible Enemy got a new practice room and during the spring/summer of 2015 a band welcomed Samuli Ilveskivi (bass), Hanna Halonen (keyboards) and Sampo Riihimäki (vocals) to their group. So the band finally had a full line up and they started rehearsing songs for the album. Unfortunately, happiness didn't last long because Stephen Burgess decided to leave the group and band lost their practice room once again.

2014 - Building a band

Zelda left the band due the personal reasons and Aapo and Janne were searching new members. Invisible Enemy got a new member when Stephen Burgess joined in during the autumn of 2014. First he was there as a session member, but later he joined in as a permanent guitar player. This trio started to record demos of the songs.

2013 - The first Chapter

Aapo and Janne met in the beginning of the year 2013 in the band called X-Pulssion. After little more than a year or so, due the circumstances out of control, they decided to leave and that's when Invisible Enemy was born. Keyboard player Zelda Jutila, who was also playing in X-Pulssion, joined Invisible Enemy.


Jouni Alho
Matti Siekkinen
Samuli Ilveskivi
Sampo Riihimäki
Hanna Halonen
Stephen Burgess
Zelda Jutila
Lead guitar