Invisible Enemy - Discography - Diversity
Discography - Diversity
Released on August 22, 2017

01. Invisible Enemy LYRICS
02. Commandos LYRICS
03. Worthless Heart LYRICS
04. The End of the Universe LYRICS
05. Destination Unknown LYRICS
06. Prey LYRICS
07. In The Name of God LYRICS
08. The Fate of Atlantis  
Sampo Riihimäki - Vocals
Aapo Salo - Guitars, keyboards
Warner Turello - Lead guitar
Samuli Ilveskivi - Bass
Janne Ollikainen - Drums, percussions
Jenni Räikkönen - Vocals
"Destination Unknown"
Additional Information
Jarno Ukkola, Warner Turello, Samuli Ilveskivi & Aapo Salo - Additional Backing Vocals
"Commandos, The End of the Universe, In The Name of God"

Aapo Salo - Orchestrations
"Invisible Enemy, Worthless Heart, In The Name of God & The Fate of Atlantis"

Sampo Riihimäki & Warner Turello - Spoken parts
"Worthless Heart, Prey" & "In The Name of God"

All lyrics written by Hanna Halonen & Sampo Riihimäki
Except #2, #6 Sampo Riihimäki
#3, #5 Hanna Halonen

All songs composed by Aapo Salo
Except #1 Aapo Salo, Janne Ollikainen, Zelda Jutila
#7 Aapo Salo, Janne Ollikainen, Stephen Burgess
#8 Aapo Salo, Janne Ollikainen

Additional recordings
At D-Studio by Jarno Hänninen & Niko Nyman

Cover and layout by Anssi Kääriäinen
Band photography by Jani Norqvist

All songs arranged by Invisible Enemy
Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Aapo Salo & Janne Ollikainen
Published by Invisible Enemy